Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Laser Engraving Cutting Machine that is available in Large Format 1225 / 1318. This laser engraving cutting machine is consisting of a controller and laser equipment.

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Automobile and Marine Transmissions

Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer of YAG: Laser Metal Cutting Machine that is made with the latest technology. This YAG: Laser Metal Cutting Machine is mainly used to cut or engrave nonmetal, high speed, high precision, easy to operate.

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Casting Products Industry

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. has created a niche amongst trusted manufacturer of fiber laser metal cutting machine. These fiber laser metal cutting machines have fiber laser generator ensures high precision and high speed cutting.

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Global Energy Market Supplier

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Fiber laser marking machines that is available in Single Head Marker, Dual Head Marker, Laser Marker with automation, Hologram Marker. This product is manufactured from finest quality material

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The Future GPI

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Building - A Key to Our Success To our customers we offer a near endless stream of support. It is our goal to keep our customers up and running. We have a huge network of talented suppliers and distributors.

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CO2 Laser Metal Cutting machine

System Features :
• Structure: The structure is a cantilever flying optics structure. The machine can do 2D cutting with cutting head moving,
  while the sheet metal stays still. The operator can get very close to the machine and load or unload from three directions.
  It is possible to put extra long and extra wide sheet metal on the machine tool.
• Movable machine tool is separate from the main machine. The transmission part is not in the cutting area.
  This makes the transmission part some distance away from the heat & therefore guaranteeing accuracy of the machine.
• The weight of the high-strength Aluminum alloy beam structure (Y- axis) is only one third of the weight of the steel structure,
  enabling it to have good acceleration, with faster and more precise cutting functions.
• X- Axis is transmitted by precision gear & Y-axis is transmitted by precision screw.
  The maximum positioning speed of the machine can reach 120 m/minute. The efficiency is high.
• The Central lubrication system can be controlled by the system to lubricate the machine automatically.
  The precision and life of the transmission parts are guaranteed.
• Auto-focusing functions can automatically adjust the focusing point for cutting any material. It is very easy to operate.
• Double focusing cutting heads make it easier to replace mirrors thus saving time.
• Is equipped with a section duster to improve the working environment
• The area beneath the cutting table is divided into several sections. During the cutting process,
  only the ducts directly beneath the cutting head are open for fume extraction.
  The ducts in the other sections remain closed to improve dust collection.
• Can also be supplied with a pallet auto-changer that saves your time in loading and unloading.
• The high-strength cast Aluminum alloy beam (Y- axis) with technology property rights, through analysis of finite element
  and dynamic simulation, achieves precise matching between strength, rigidity and servo drive acceleration and deceleration and NC system.
This CO2 laser marking machine is specially developed for the non-metals marking industry by SIL. This machine is equipped with an original American RF laser source and high-speed galvanometer. Operational speed is extremely fast with very high precision. The optical system is fully sealed, and so enables dust prevention thus reducing the equipment failure rate.

1. High precision and fast speed. Marking depth is controllable optionally.
2. Wide applications: It can mark most non-metals.
3. The marking lines are clear, it can withstand heavy wear and tear.
4. The software works in Windows environment and it is compatible with many file formats, including PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP and others saved by CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and others. SHX and TTF file formats can be directly imported into the software
Technical Specifications :
X axis stroke
Y axis stroke
Z axis stroke
Cutting area
X?Y axis positioning accuracy
Repositioning accuracy X axis
Y axis
Maximum positioning speed
Maximum load-bearing
Power of the Laser
Max. thickness for cutting mild steel(S.S.400)
Max. thickness for cutting stainless steel(SUS30)

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